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Battery Chargers (AC)

Keep your vehicle’s battery life healthy, charged and always ready to use with the REDARC smart battery charger range by DEFA. Compact and easy to use, these battery chargers are designed to automatically charge and maintain most common automotive 12V batteries.

Keep your battery fully charged with REDARC

If you’re looking for an intelligent AC to DC battery charger, the REDARC smart battery charger range is your go-to. They’re so simple to use, that all you have to do is connect the charging clips to the battery, connect to a power outlet and push the ON button. When finished, you simply wind up the cables and that’s it. Not to mention, they're rated to IP65 - so these SmartChargers can be used both outdoors and in damp environments.

Compatible with most common batteries, including the agm battery and lead acid batteries, the SmartCharge range is available in 4, 6, 8, and 10amp variants. They also automatically adjust to suit the battery voltage and type in any caravan, car or boat. These smart battery chargers give you peace of mind, because you know your car battery is getting the right amount of charge it needs without the risk of overcharging.

For long-term maintenance charging, REDARC have introduced a 30amp Showroom charger perfectly suited for workshops, car dealerships and home garages. Compatible with lead-acid and gel batteries, this 30amp battery charging solution is easy to use and ideal for any 12v automotive application.

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REDARC are leading the charge with this innovative range of smart battery charger solutions, including a growing list of SmartCharge accessories and charging cables. Buy online today so you’re ready for whenever you want to hit the open road! Be sure to check out our REDARC Tow-Pro range to get the perfect set up for your 4WD, caravan or trailer too.