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Powering family adventure

Powering family adventure

There’s nothing more enjoyable than packing up the kids and hitting the road, getting out of the house and letting the kids run free for a bit while mum and dad relax around the campfire. Often these are the best memories that the whole family will cherish for years to come. While getting off-grid is often the ultimate goal, when there are kids involved having a few home luxuries can make the trip run so much smoother. To get power on the road you used to need a dual battery system, which could limit your camping potential but with the introduction of portable power, you’ve got the freedom to power any adventure.

Power your 12v fridge and all your lights

While 12v fridges are quickly becoming the norm in camping setups, when you’ve got the kids in tow a fridge is a must have. Keep all your food fresh, drinks cold and kids happy with all their favourite treats. With a built-in fridge port, the GoBlock takes all the hassle out of installing a traditional dual battery system to keep your fridge running on the road. Many 12V fridges available are temperature controlled and have separate fridge and freezer sections which means you can keep premade meals and even ice cream frozen.

When you’ve got kids running around at camp, having plenty of light at night time is crucial. With a single charge, the 100Ah GoBlock portable power system can run your camp lights for over eighty hours. This means that you can charge it before you leave home and your campsite will be illuminated all weekend.

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Charge all your devices

While camping can be a great time to switch off and disconnect from devices, sometimes there’s no avoiding them. Phones need to be kept charged in case of emergencies, kids want to use the iPad and a flat drone is no good. One of the benefits of the GoBlock over a traditional dual battery system is its portability. With a traditional dual battery system, you’re always tethered to your vehicle when you’re wanting to charge your devices, whereas the GoBlock can be moved around the campsite to keep everything powered no matter where you’re sitting.

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Avoid a flat air mattress

We’ve all been there, red faced at camp trying to inflate the air mattress or kids’ pool toys with the dreaded foot pump, or even worse, your own lungpower. If you’re looking for a better solution to pump all your inflatables up quickly and easily, the GoBlock can be used to power a 12v air compressor. While it will take a bit of crafty wiring to swap out the cables that connect to the battery terminal for an Anderson plug, your air compressor can then be plugged straight into the GoBlock and you’re ready to go.

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Keep the kids entertained

Night falls, the kids are fed, cleaned and starting to wind down after a long day of getting dirty. What better way to get them settled - and let mum and dad enjoy a bit of peace and quiet - than putting on a movie? But forget just getting out the iPad. 12V portable projectors are becoming the cool new accessory to have at camp. Hang a sheet from the awning, plug the projector into one of the GoBlock’s 12v sockets, pair with a Bluetooth speaker and the kids have their own personal, outdoor cinema. These little units are compact, lightweight and can be used with either a regular USB or your Google Chromecast or Apple TV, meaning there’s no need to lug around stacks of DVDs.

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Sleep comfortably at night

While the summer is one of the best times of year for camping, the heat can get uncomfortable, especially when little ones are trying to sleep at night-time. A 12v fan is an easy way to make camping in the warmer months a little more comfortable for everyone. Just move the GoBlock into the tent or camper trailer, plug your fan into one of the 12v sockets and you’re good to go for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

To learn more about how having an off-grid power solution can make your next family camping trip more comfortable check out how our 12v power system benefits the whole family. For more information on how the GoBlock can support your next adventure check out power your weekend getaway

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