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Career Training And Development

Career Training

No matter where you enter REDARC in your career you will be encouraged and supported to participate in continued training and development. Redarc will seek to ensure that you are provided with opportunities to further your skills, experience and abilities through internal and external training development.

Involvement in training and development can vary. REDARC has provided Lean Manufacturing training for staff in key production management and purchasing positions, traineeship opportunities for factory personnel and is supporting senior staff to participate in postgraduate study including MBA qualification.


Improving our knowledge is essential for mastering Lean Manufacturing, Innovation, Automation and Cost Reduction.

We have 4 strategic aims:

  • Significant cost reduction through process innovation & continuous improvement;
  • Significant increase in automation;
  • Master the introduction of lean manufacturing;
  • Master new product innovation and commercialization

We can't achieve these strategic aims without highly skilled people. Accredited electronics training, combining work and study - such as traineeships, gives us the people we need to succeed.