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Get REDARC Ready

Contemplating your next great adventure? Remember this… you’re only really ready when you’ve got REDARC on board.


In a world of mobility, discovery and adventure, we make high-quality products that put people in charge of whatever situation they find themselves in. Made in Australia for Australian conditions, with 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of fully-integrated, portable, vehicular power solutions, REDARC has got your back no matter where your travels take you!



Great adventures start with the Power of REDARC

The REDARC range of dual battery systems, solar panels and blankets perfect for campingtotal vehicle management systems and leading towing products mean your vehicle is ready to tackle anything.


Our products are built tough and enable you to do things outside your comfort zone. Whether your scaling Cape York, crossing the Simpson Desert or even heading for a local weekend escape, you can have the assurance that our equipment won’t let you down.

REDARC ready experts

These 4x4, caravan, camping, travel and towing experts are REDARC ready. Testing our products and pushing them to the absolute limit. From the tip of Cape York, the south of Tasmania, through Texas and Alaska and all the way back again.  


The Experts Choice

How you can #getREDARCready

Great adventures start with REDARC. Start yours today by taking the Hilux virtual tour, using our vehicle specific product selector tools or stay up to date with the latest information via our monthly newsletter. And don't forget to share your adventures with others across Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #getREDARCready