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REDARC launch light-duty trailer DC Battery Charger

Friday, 11 June 2021

REDARC is proud to introduce the new, more versatile 12-volt, 12amp input current limited In-vehicle battery charger; the BCDC1212T, ideal for trailers with electrical equipment and accessories.

The BCDC1212T comes pre-wired with a customised wiring harness, designed to assist for smaller trailer mounted auxiliary battery box installations, and is supported with the release of new 23amp and 30amp fuse kits and a battery to fuse cable for easy installation. 

The BCDC1212T has been developed to avoid having to charge the auxiliary battery overnight or in between jobs. You will always have battery power to use on your trailer.

This BCDC1212T is moisture, dust, and mud resistant, designed and built by REDARC to be the highest quality and most reliable battery charger of this kind.

It is suitable for AGM, Gel, Lead acid, Calcium and Lithium (LiFeP04) battery types, and compatible with both standard and variable voltage/smart alternators and can be used in both 12 and 24-volt vehicle systems.

Discover more about the REDARC BCDC1212T Light-duty trailer DC Battery Charger here.

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