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REDARC sponsor VASA Wire and Gas 2020

Tuesday, 25 February 2020




REDARC is proud to be the platinum sponsor of VASA Wire & Gas 2020 in Queensland this July 31 to August 2 on the Gold Coast.

Wire & Gas 2020 is said to be Asia-Pacific’s premier event for those working in automotive thermal management and electrical and aims to keep delegates on the forefront of the industry. This year’s event will focus on vehicle electrification and the significant opportunities emerging for VASA members and their expertise.

Renowned for attracting the best brains in the business, Wire & Gas 2020 promises to be a truly world-class event with speakers travelling from the United States and Europe to deliver an arsenal of knowledge and skills that will help attendees navigate the rapid technological change and hot competition facing the automotive repair sector.

The broad range of training topics, seminars and panel sessions on offer at Wire & Gas 2020 will also place attendees at the forefront of the coming hybrid and electric vehicle revolution – with the confidence that expertise in air-conditioning, electrical and thermal management systems will become increasingly valuable as vehicles electrify.

VASA Wire & Gas says there are few are better placed to communicate this than world-renowned hybrid and EV repair expert Craig Van Batenburg from the United States, on his first ever visit to Australia.

Craig will be joined by Michael Ingvardsen, president of VASA’s European equivalent MACPartners and Andy Fiffick, CEO and Chairman of VASA’s North American counterpart MACS Worldwide in a rare meeting of the world’s biggest three specialist automotive thermal management industry associations.

This international perspective will open a window into the future for Australasian Wire & Gas attendees, previewing what’s to come in this market and providing the unfair advantage of learning from regions where vehicle electrification and the switch to new-generation refrigerants are much more advanced than they are here.

In the Wire & Gas spirit of future-proofing knowledge and skills in ways that can be immediately and profitably applied, the event will include technical sessions on variable-displacement compressors and the use of chemicals in air-conditioning systems, diesel particulate filters and other emission control technologies and diagnostics using oscilloscopes and transducers.

Scene-setting panel sessions will bring together experts and visionaries from the world of automotive electrification, from building the charging infrastructure to exploring emerging opportunities in converting existing vehicles to electric drive.

There will be seminars on effective advertising and marketing, as well as fool-proof ways of ensuring repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Full Wire & Gas speaker list as of February 2020: 

  • Craig Van Batenburg, Automotive Career Development Center, Founder & Trainer.           
  • Andy Fiffick, MACS Worldwide / Rad Air Complete Car Care, President & CEO/President & CEO.
  • Michael Ingvardsen, MACPartners Europe/ Nissens Automotive, President/ Automotive Technical Training Manager.
  • Clinton Brett, Founder & Trainer, Diesel Help Australia.
  • Kylie Farrelley, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia, General Manager.
  • Tim Washington, Jet Charge / Chargefox, Founder & CEO/ Director.
  • Dave Budge, Jaunt Motor, Co-Founder.
  • Jeff Smit, The Automotive Technician, Technical Editor.
  • Brett Meads, VASA, Vice President.
  • Ian Stangroome, VASA, President.

Discounted tickets 

VASA, Australasia’s peak trade association for specialists in auto air-conditioning, electrical and thermal management has released a limited number of heavily discounted early bird tickets to the 2020 Wire & Gas conference.

The event will be held at Marriott Surfers Paradise and SuperCool Group headquarters in Ormeau, on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Discounted early bird tickets are available. Early Bird tickets start from $885 including GST.

Full Wire & Gas 2020 information, event tickets and accommodation bookings are available at:

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