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Off Grid Camping & 4WDing



The power to go anywhere

There’s nothing more thrilling than exploring the unknown, getting off road, and pushing your vehicle to its limits. Going where roads aren’t roads and the horizon is the limit. Going truly off grid means relying on your gear more than ever, you must be prepared for every possibility. REDARC is here to power any adventure, from coast to coast and everything in between. With rugged battery charging solutions, designed for the harsh Australian conditions, you will be prepared to power any off-grid adventure.

We understand that there is nothing more fun than pushing your rig and getting out of your comfort zone, than tackling that next big dune or navigating some tricky rock steps, than finding that secluded campsite right on the river or being able to stay out for as long as possible. REDARC want to make sure you not only get out there but get home again.

Whether you’re new to the 4WDing and off-grid travel world or have been getting into it for years and are looking to step up your setup, REDARC are right there with you.


Pushing your rig to its limits without a worry

With REDARC gear you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on a track or at that remote campsite.

Check out how some of our experts push their rigs with REDARC.




Where to go from here

When you’re ready to take your setup to the next level, REDARC has not only the gear but the knowhow.



The gear to get you there and back


Build your dream vehicle and power your perfect holiday or lifestyle to any budget with REDARC's range of power management and battery charging products.



Want to find out more about outfitting your rig, discover the latest travel guides and get tips from industry experts? The REDARC blog can help inspire your next great adventure.