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REDARC offer Adelaide Uni students practical engineering experience

Thursday, 8 February 2018

REDARC is proud to support several local educational institutions by providing student placements and industry specific work experience to engineering students looking to enter the industry on a full-time basis.

As a result of this community focus, the Lonsdale based advanced electronics manufacturer are pleased to maintain their relationship with The University of Adelaide, who currently have four full-time engineering students at REDARC working with its internal teams on a host of manufacturing, production and defence focused projects.

The current crop of Adelaide University students have been with REDARC since November 2017 and will continue to provide valuable assistance and expertise on projects until the completion of their 12 week placements in late February 2018.

Chelsea Fortuna, a Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science student, has been exposed to a variety of tasks including the integration and optimisation of its Industry 4.0 accreditation, which will assist REDARC with its future endeavours in the Defence sector.

“Being at REDARC has allowed me to develop practical engineering skills and provided insight into the manufacturing industry” said Chelsea, “Everyone I have met at REDARC is hardworking and willing to help, it is a great environment to work and learn in” she added further.

Chelsea is joined by fellow Adelaide University students, Joshua Marich (Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical, Brody O'Neill (Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical) and Munirah DeVries (Bachelor of Engineering of Electrical and Electronics) in carrying out production floor space optimisations, mechanical design support and material supplier suitability checks and various other projects.

REDARC’s relationship with Adelaide University is a long standing one, through ongoing sponsorship opportunities, facilitating regular student placements and with a multitude of University alumni now employed at the state-of-the-art Lonsdale facility.

REDARC sees a clear benefit in providing opportunities to qualified and quality engineering students as it offers them valuable industry experience, offering an important first step for engineers beginning their careers for the betterment of the industry long term.

To find out more about REDARC’s relationship with Adelaide University and other community focused endeavours visit REDARC’s Our Community page.

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