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Van Life


The power to explore

For some, the view out the back window matters a whole lot more than square meterage. For many people vanlife means freedom. The freedom to park and crawl into bed, the freedom to live life wherever you pull up, the freedom to be on the beach today and in the bush tomorrow. It represents a going where the wind takes you.

REDARC can provide you with the knowledge and gear you need to set up, get out and go wherever your tyres can take you without having to worry about if your mobile home will hold up. When life is an adventure, REDARC can get you there and keep you there. Whether you’re just starting your vanlife journey or looking to level up your van build, REDARC has a solution.

Having less space doesn’t mean going without the comforts of home. Learn how dc to dc charging can power let you live life on your own terms or find out how a solar setup can keep you on the road for longer.

Don’t let anything hold you back from living life on your own terms. With vanlife you can start your day in one location and end your day in another. Embrace life and wherever it can take you.


Live life where you decide


With REDARC gear you can roam from coast to coast and live that here today, gone tomorrow lifestyle.

Check out how our experts use REDARC gear to power all their adventures.



Where to go from here

When you’re ready to take your setup to the next level, REDARC has not only the gear but the knowhow.



The gear to get you there and back


Build your dream vehicle and power your new life to any budget with REDARC's range of power management and battery charging products.



Want to find out more about outfitting your van, discover the latest travel guides and get tips from industry experts? The REDARC blog can help inspire your next great adventure.