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Work with REDARC

In order to acquire and retain the best possible staff, REDARC is committed to being an employer of choice by implementing a host of programs and initiatives designed to empower and grow the members of our team, while ensuring our company values and causes remain at the heart of all that we do.

Whether it's through our health and wellbeing committee, charitable support, further education opportunities or alignment with universities and schools, it is our mission to build a strong company culture and forge valuable relationships with our broader community.



The Team


“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson


With 280 employees and counting, REDARC is dedicated to building a skilled and passionate team across all departments from production and stores, to engineering, admin, and customer service. A strong work culture is hugely important to REDARC and because of this hiring the right people is critical. All our employees strive to embody our core business values of innovation, customer satisfaction, teamwork, integrity, quality, and environmental awareness.  

REDARC is committed to maintaining a highly skilled staff and is passionate about providing opportunities to upskill and develop at any point in their career. Many team members were first exposed to REDARC through either high school or university work experience and from that have been offered permanent positions or apprenticeships.


99% of employees feel comfortable raising concerns they may have with management.*


Open communication channels between individuals, departments, and managers is a priority at REDARC. This is demonstrated through our open-door policy; employees should always feel comfortable in speaking their mind and voicing ideas. We believe in transparency for all employees, monthly company-wide comms sessions are used to communicate business updates and department projects to the whole of the business.


the REDARC team


“Always good communication from the top to the entire company via our comms sessions. Department down communication is also very good. Individual daily team meetings help us discover issues before they become show-stoppers.”*


97% of employees are likely to recommend REDARC as a workplace to a friend.*


REDARC aims to provide its employees with opportunities to not only expand their knowledge, but to grow their skillset by giving them the option to move into new roles. Many job opportunities are advertised internally, allowing REDARC to not only promote from within but to identify the potential in their staff.


Core Values


Innovation: REDARC encourage the personal development of all team members to ensure we nurture our innovate company culture.

Customer Satisfaction: To be recognised as the best in our market we will deliver the highest quality products supported by exceptional after sales service.

Teamwork: Through excellence in cross-functional integration, REDARC will guarantee high quality products delivered in a timely manner.

Integrity: To enhance our current relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and the community, and to forge strong relationships in the future, REDARC will always act with the utmost integrity.

Quality: REDARC are committed to doing things right the first time as we see quality as key to delivering customer value for money. We make quality the centre piece in our work and interactions.

Environmentally Aware: We are committed to going beyond compliance and being socially responsible. REDARC will anticipate and address potential issues before they occur and operate in a manner to preserve the environment for future generations.


REDARC factory




92% of employees have experienced personal growth including updating skills and learning different tasks.*


No matter where you enter REDARC in your career, you will be encouraged and supported in continued training and development. We seek to ensure that all employees are provided with opportunities to further their skills, experience, and abilities through both internal and external training and development.

Having highly educated and skilled people is essential for mastering Lean Manufacturing, innovation, automation, and const reduction. Encouraging all our staff to pursue further education and training gives us the people we need to succeed. It also allows us to identify potential within existing staff and to see opportunities to promote from within.


 “As a graduate, I have had a lot to learn. I was ‘thrown in the deep end’ at the start of the year which was tough but a great opportunity to learn and upskill. The experience has paid off!”*




Work Experience & Apprenticeships


REDARC’s commitment to developing professional and capable students and graduates carries through its different work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.

High School

REDARC offer high school students an opportunity to undertake a period of work experience. Typically, this includes time spent in the Production area where students are exposed to many aspects of the electronics manufacturing environment and processes.

University Industry Experience

As part of REDARC’s commitment to engineering and business growth, we offer undergraduate engineering students the opportunity to undertake their industrial experience within our Lonsdale, South Australia, manufacturing facility.

Successful candidates gain hands-on experience and are exposed to real-life projects while being rotated through the Production, Testing and Research & Development departments of the company. This experience is designed to enhance students’ technical, business, and people skills.


REDARC does not only support university students but is also committed to developing skilled tradespeople through apprenticeships. Combining work and study apprentices attend TAFE whilst also getting hands on experience and the ability to use this learned knowledge in our Production Department.

Graduate Opportunities

As a business, REDARC is passionate about education and developing young, enthusiastic engineers and technicians through our state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled, committed mentors. We try to maximise the intake of graduate engineers who bring with them fresh, cutting-edge engineering knowledge.


Technology Investment


95% of employees feel encouraged to come up with new and better ways of doing things.*


REDARC’s 6,500sqm facility located in Lonsdale, South Australia is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Established in 2007, our facility has undergone multiple expansions – the most recent completed in 2018 – and designed with ‘Industry 4.0’ principles in mind. As a business we’re always looking to stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology and equipment. Getting to work with world-class facilities means that our team remains trained on the latest machinery and technology.





93% of employees highly rate REDARC’s commitment to minimising waste and reducing its impact on the environment.*


Being an environmentally aware company is one of our core values at REDARC. We recognise the importance of reducing our impact on the environment and are constantly seeking to balance business needs whilst improving the local and global environment. We are committed to complying with regulation, measuring, and reducing our energy and water consumption and waste to landfill.


Global Expansion


As REDARC continues to grow in Australia, we are making the move to make a name for our rugged, Australian made products in international markets. Because of this constantly growing space, we have both interstate and global opportunities constantly arising. This means that our Australian employees are given the chance to upskill and expand their skillset across global markets.


Health & Wellbeing


99% of employees value the current employee well-being initiatives at REDARC.*


As a workplace, REDARC recognises the importance of providing a workplace that looks out for and addresses the health and wellbeing of its employees. With a full calendar of workplace physical and mental health initiatives we’re always striving to encourage a culture of wellbeing.

Continuous initiatives include regular blood-pressure and heart rate testing, free physiotherapy and psychology, Fruit Friday, regular company-wide lunches, ergonomic workstation assessments and daily stretch breaks.

Throughout the year our Health & Wellbeing team also run annual initiatives, these include Mental Health Month and R U Ok? Day, The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge, First Aid Training, Movember, and flu shots.


“I feel I have taken more time and put more effort into my health than ever before in any other job. I feel I have more tools and help if I require it.”*


R U OK day


If you would like to become part of this passionate, dynamic and hard working team, REDARC would love to hear from you. View our currently advertised positions or feel free to touch base with our head office to speak to one of our friendly staff.


* All statistics and quotes taken from REDARC's 2020 Employee Survey